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Free Spire.PDF for .NET Guide

What is in it?

This package contains all the sample projects of C#, VB.NET. All C#, VB.NET solutions are offered in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, 2008 and 2010 for users respectively.

  • Bin: provides Spire.Pdf dll, Spire.License.dll and Spire.Pdf.XML on .NET 2.0 and above.
  • Demos: offers C Sharp, VB.NET demos on Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010; all the files and images used in the demo projects; effect of all the demo projects.
  • Help: shows Spire.Pdf API
  • Icons: All the Icons used in projects
  • license.rtf.fiq: End User License Agreement


Where to download and how to install?

You can download the latest version of free Spire.PDF for .NET here. The hotfix version is only applied when you install the related version. After downloading, you can install it on your system whatever your OS is. For old users who have installed the old version and want to install a new one, except Spire.Pdf dll, all the contents will overlap the old one.

How to run the Demos?

There is the default project in the sample project pack. Often the first sample project is the default project. So when you run the demo by pressing “F5” or clicking the “Debug”, it actually debugs the first project. The best way is to set the project you want to debug as the StartUp Project. So be sure you are running the right project.

Open the appropriate solution file in Microsoft Visual Studio. Click on "Debug" menu and choose “Start new instance”.

How about product service?

In order to better meet customers’ needs and protect customer’ benefit. E-iceblue support team provides following service:

  •   One Year Free Update and Free Prior Technology Support
  •   One business day Guaranty e-mail Response
  •   Two Business days Guaranty forum questions Reply
  •   Three Business days Guaranty hotfix version publish
  •   14-day Money Back Guaranty
  •   Free Customized Service for OEM users
  •   30-day Free Trial

Get Documentation Guide

  Free Spire.PDF for .NET provides program guide to enable users to learn details about how to realize one function. Also, there are some new useful examples in Tutorials.

Choose Subscription

Free Spire.PDF for.NET is a Community Edition of the Spire.PDF for .NET, which is a totally free PDF component for commercial and personal use.

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